Anchoring Mooring Equipment

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Waveline Telescopic Aluminium Floating Boat Hook  1.21m to 2.14 metre Sailing Marine Dinghy

Anodised aluminium 28mm diameter tubing with a large, very solid, nylon hook head and ribbed hand grip. Simply twist the shaft to extend and firmly lock the boat hook into place.

Seago Yacht Fenders  Majoni White and Black

Majoni The Seago Fender range is a large range to suit small boats up to large yachts and cruisers.

Folding Galvanised Grapnel Anchor for Small Boats

Ideal small to medium sized boats where space is limited. They offer good holding power on a variety of seabeds.

From: £21.99
French Brittany Style Anchor 2 kg - 6kg Galvanised

The French style is the only flat anchor with a shank designed with a non-fouling shank, thus preventing the anchor from breaking away. It bites into the seabed almost instantly. Constructed from high resistance galvanised steel, this anchor doesn't feature a large crown which prevents potential fouling.

From: £20.99
Galvanised Delta Type Self Launching Anchor

The low centre of gravity and self-righting geometry ensure that the Delta anchor will set immediately.

Bruce Style Claw Anchor Galvanised Steel

The Bruce Style Claw Anchor is similar to the Bruce Anchor and is a very popular and reliable anchor to set in most sea bed conditions. Holding power in most sea beds and remains stable under varying tide and wind conditions. Sets and resets quickly and roll stabilization prevents breakout caused by veering. Stows easily on a bow roller. Hot dipped galvanized steel.

From: £63.99
Waveline  10m Pre-Spliced Dockline Mooring Rope Assorted Colours

Waveline Pre-spliced Dock Line is comfortable to handle, and easy to splice. A strong combination of Braided Nylon with 16 plait polyester cover, this dock line is both shock absorbant and abrasion resistant.

From: £18.99
Ormiston Monel Seizing Wire 10m

Very useful for yacht rigging and mooring applications that need seizing wire.

Nylon Horn Mooring Cleat 2 Hole Fixing

Suitable for light mooring ropes and Halyards.

From: £0.99
1/4"  (6MM)  Galvanized  Chain Joining Link

Joining links enable two lengths of chain of the same diameter to be connected to each other without increasing the thickness or creating a blockage

Anchor Marine Fender Cleaner 500ml Bio-Degradable

Anchor Marine Fender Cleaner has been successfully tested on different types of dirt, oil and grime, on top of all that, the contents are 100% ocean friendly and is not harmful to any sea life

Anchor Marine Mastep Fender Clips - 2 Pack

Simple and ready to use and cannot detatch with fender movement. Suitable for ropes 6mm - 12mm.

Anchor Marine Pickup Buoy 12" x 16" Mooring Float

Anchor Marine's easy-to-grab pickup buoy has an integral handle featured at the top, making retrieval by hand or boathook a simple, safe operation.

Anchor Marine Pickup Buoy 8" x 11" Mooring Float

Anchor Marine's easy-to-grab pickup buoy has an integral handle featured at the top, making retrieval by hand or boathook a simple, safe operation.

Anchor Marine Pole Buoy Orange 30cm / 12"

Anchor Marine Pole Buoy with a diameter of 300mm and an internal hole size of 21mm. Ideal as a float with pole attached to draw attention.

Anchor Marine Standard Fenders  Royal Blue

The Anchor Marine Standard Fenders are suitable for vertical or horizontal use, they meet most pleasure craft and workboat requirements. Manufactured from the highest quality UV resistant PVC.

From: £11.99
11cm (4") x 40cm (16")
13cm (5") x 45cm (18")
20cm (8") x 80cm (32")
Anchor Marine Transom Corner Fender White

This rugged, easy-to-install fender is popular with canal and river users or those in crowded marina situations.  
These fenders also give good protection when fitted to the exposed corners of marina berths or finger pontoons.  

Bungy Mooring Compensators Ropes up to 20mm (MZ 41090)

Shock absorbers for safe and gentle mooring, quick and easy.

Liros White Polyester 3 Strand Rope Anchor/Mooring Line 14mm,12mm,10mm,8mm

Ideal for general mooring lines and Anchor Rope/warp. Classic, economical, very easy to splice, high strength, abrasion resistant for mooring, fenders and anchoring. 3 strand polyester made from 100% Polyester. Heat-set. According to DIN 83331/EN 697 standards

From: £0.85
Non Calibrated Galvanised Short Link Mooring Chain

Marine Short Link Chain suitable for yacht moorings or carrying on board as the main anchor or mixed with rope for the kedge anchor.

From: £5.49
Nylon Sheave for Stem Head Rollers 42mm Diameter

Allen Brothers stem head roller pulley sheave made of nylon.

Wooden Boat Hook Barge Pole  33mm x 2.4m Ash

Ideal for use as a boat hook pole for larger boats or canal boat barge poles. Supplied without boat hook end.