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Spinlock XAS Single Power Clutch 4mm - 8mm

Multi role clutch with excellent performance across a wide rope range. Perfect for racing yachts up to 27’ and cruising yachts up to 35’

Single Spinlock XCS0814  Rope Clutch 8-14mm Black

Spinlock XCS gives extra durability, and Mid to higher load rope holding.

Double Spinlock XCS0814  Rope Clutch 8-14mm Black

Spinlock XCS gives extra durability, and Mid to higher load rope holding.

Allen 20mm Dynamic Bearing Blocks Cheek Block A.2026

20mm single bearing block face mounted cheek block with a single 4mm fixing so will align to the required angle.

Allen Dynamic Single Block with Swivel A-2020SC 20mm

Single ball bearing swivel block with shackle.

Allen Block AL2021-HK Laser Outhaul Block with Hook

Mainly used for used outhaul control on Lasers allowing quick release for speedy de-rigging

Allen Stanchion Mounted Blocks and Fairleads

An inexpensive solution for leading furling lines from the furling drum to the cockpit.

From: £7.99
Servo Cleat Self Jamming Camcleat 3-16mm rope with SS teeth.

Servo Cleats have been designed so that no pulling effort is required when cleating the rope - the unique shaped Servo cams do the work.

From: £15.49
Under Fairlead for Servo Camcleat 22 Stainless Steel

IS-F220 Servo 22 rear mounted fairlead stainless steel.

Allen Ball Bearing Camcleats A-77 (HA77) and A-76HA76

Allen cam cleats have had over 50 years of meticulous R&D to perfect their design.

From: £27.30
Allen Alloy Cam Cleat AL-4476 (HA4476) for rope 2 - 6mm

Allen Cam Cleat with Alloy jaws stainless steel base for rope size 2 - 6mm.

Swivel Cleat and Pulley 180 deg. Enterprise poles GP14 Halyards AL-4988 (Holt HA4988)

Typical uses Enterprise Flyaway Poles, GP14 Spinnaker Halyards etc

Marine RWO Spring 19mm O/D/Spring Stainless Steel For 19mm Blocks

Marine RWO Spring 19 mm O/D/Spring Stainless Steel For 19 mm Blocks sold each.

RWO 45mm Macro Cheek Block 10mm Rope

These RWO face mounted macro cheek blocks are ideal for sheets or control lines on dinghies, day boats and yachts up to 20 foot approx.

RWO Single Clevis Block 25mm R1000

Series 25 stainless steel sided plain bearing nylon sheave single block with clevis pin top. Which are extremely versatile making them ideal for small marine and industrial rope applications

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