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MSR Black Stain Remover by Starbright 650ml

MSR Black Stain Remover quickly removes unsightly stains from fiberglass, vinyl, plastic or painted surfaces. It begins working on contact. Ideal for use on your boat, car, caravan or motorhome.

Boat Wash by StarBright Concentrated Formula 500ml

Biodegradable starbright boat wash formula safely cleans dirt and grime off fiberglass, metal, plastics, vinyl and all painted surfaces. Concentrated formula, add a few cap fulls to a bucket of fresh water to clean entire boat.

Star Brite Premium Marine Polish PTEF 500ml Max UV Protection

Star brite Premium Marine Polish with PTEF is the ultimate high-quality protection product that provides the best care for your boat's appearance. The Premium Marine Polish is exceptional for protection against UV rays, sealing the surface to repel stains and delivering a deep, long-lasting gloss.

Star Brite Sail and Canvas Cleaner Concentrated 500ml Dirt Grease Mildew

Biodegradable formula safely cleans and brightens all types of white and coloured sails/fabrics. It is great for boat covers, bimini tops and sails removes dirt, grease and mildew stains from sails, canvas and fabrics.

Star brite Instant Hull Cleaner 1000 ml  GRP Gelcoat Scum Lines Easily

Instantly Removes Stains From Grassy Marine Growth, Rust, Scum Line, Fish Blood etc from GRP gelcoat or painted surfaces.

Star brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner with PTEF 1L

The Star brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner is the solution, which lifts dirt and stains from non-skid decks and leaves a non-slippery PTEF barrier to protect the cleaned surface from dirt and UV rays.

Cleaner and Brightener Deck Cleaner by Owatrol  1Ltr

Exterior wood - weathered grey or dirty: Cedar, Larch, Pine (pressure treated or not), Teak, Iroko, Ipe. Horizontal or Vertical surfaces : cladding, fences, decks (boat & garden), garden furniture.

Polymarine Duo Clean RIB Cleaner 1Ltr

An easy to use cleaner specifically formulated for use on inflatable boats and GRP.

Starbrite Bilge Cleaner Heavy Duty 1Ltr Clean and Odour Free

Disperses and loosens sludge and grime in the bilge so it can be pumped out. Leaves bilge clean and odour-free Biodegradable.

Starbrite Liquid Rubbing Compound Medium Oxidation 500ml GPR Painted Surfaces

Liquid formula rubbing compound designed for light to medium duty applications on GPR, Fibreglass and painted surfaces by removing stains, medium oxidation and scratches.

Starbrite Teak Oil 500ml Seals and Protects Fine Woods.

For teak decks on your boat or teak furniture on board or in the garden , you will be able to protect and preserve the wood with Starbrite Teak Oil. Starbrite Teak Oil is a penetrating sealer and preserver.

Starbrite Pre Softened Boat Wax 397g GRP or Painted Surfaces

The most difficult part of owning a boat should not be protecting it from fading, chalking, oxidation and UV rays. Starbrite Presoftened Boat Wax Shines and Protects your boat.

Anchor Marine Fender Cleaner 500ml Bio-Degradable

Anchor Marine Fender Cleaner has been successfully tested on different types of dirt, oil and grime, on top of all that, the contents are 100% ocean friendly and is not harmful to any sea life

International Gelcoat Stain Remover Gel Formula 500ml

A high strength penetrating gel that quickly and easily removes stains, such as light rusting and yellowing, on GRP and painted surfaces.

International Marine Polish 500ml Restores Grp Paint

Marine Polish is an ultra-fine grade polish with wax, for use on gelcoat and paintwork. Gives lasting protection and high gloss. For manual and machine polishing (800-1000 rpm).

International Marine Wax Sealer Grp Paint 500ml

Marine Wax gives lasting protection without abrasives or silicone, is easy to work with and an ideal product for larger surfaces.

International Polish and Wax Gloss Finish Protection 500ml

A cleaner, polish and wax all-in-one, ideal for larger surface creating a beautiful gloss finish

International Super Cleaner Removes Wax Oil 500ml

Super Cleaner is a highly concentrated cleaner, removes wax, oil and contamination effectively ideal for use prior to waxing or painting either GRP or painted surfaces.

Owatrol Gelcoat and Surface Colour  Restorer 1L Marine Polytrol

Gelcoat and Surface Restorer is a deep penetrating oil that penetrates deep into gelcoat to re-wet the pigment and so restore the dull, faded look of the gelcoat to its original colour and lustre.

Owatrol Gelcoat Surface Restorer 500ml Polytrol

Gelcoat Restorer is a deep penetrating oil that penetrates deep into gelcoat to re-wet the pigment and so restore the dull, faded look of the gelcoat to its original colour and lustre. It then dries to a tough, long-lasting and flexible finish. Gelcoat Restorer eliminates the need for expensive waxes

Renovo Boat Canvas Cleaner 500ml Sprayhoods

For regular cleaning and maintenance of canvas boat covers, freshening appearance. The best cleaner for covers, bimini tops, canopies and spray hoods! Boat Canvas Cleaner removes grime and ingrained dirt suitable for all colours.

Renovo Marine Ultra Proofer 500ml Canvas Covers

Marine Ultra Proofer will re-establish the original 'as new' waterproof weather barrier of your boat covers, spray hoods, canopies and bimini tops.

Renovo Vinyl Boat Cleaner Seats Covers 500ml

For cleaning and refreshing the appearance of vinyl boat covers and boat seats. Boat Vinyl Cleaner also helps to preserve the condition and prolong the life of vinyl covers and boat seats.

Renovo Vinyl Ultra Proofer 500ml

Use to waterproof, protect and condition your vinyl boat covers and seats against stains and oxidation, the formulation also contains UV inhibitor to help reduce colour fade. Marine Vinyl Ultra Proofer will help to prolong the life of your vinyl boat covers and boat seats by preventing the accumulation of grime.

Seago Ecodry Desiccant Dehumidifier 6kg  Keep Boats Dry Auto re-start

The ecodry is specifically designed for boats and marine applications with the environment in mind. The ecodry desiccant dehumidifier has no harmful gases and no compressor making this compact machine highly efficient and economic. The ecodry can be used at home, in the garage, holiday home or caravan to ensure that the space remains dry and free from harmful mould.

Swobbit 7 1/2" Soft Boat Brush General Purpose Cleaning

Swobbits most popular brush. Perfect for general purpose cleaning of most surfaces for marine, auto, RV or aviation.

Swobbit Boat System 48" Pole Quick Connect Aluminum

Our patented Perfect Pole easily attaches with over 16 different types of quick change heads. Making your marine, auto, RV or aviation maintenance an easier process.

Swobbit Collapsible Bucket 2 Gallon US SW66660

A more efficient way to clean collapses for easy stowage.

WICHARD Wichinox Marine Stainless Steel Polish 250ml

Wichinox is now available under a new formula (gel). As the original version, Wichinox remains a cleaning and passivating product to be used on marine stainless steel as well as on industrial applications.

We stock the Industry leading ranges from International,Starbrite, Polymarine and Owatrol.
They manufacture boat care products to the Leisure boat owner  of wooden and GRP boat cleaners, Boat Wax and Marine Polish with PTEF.