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General Boat and Marine Safety

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Floating LED Torch 155cm Plastimo Waterproof Floating

This Plastimo torch is ideal for board it floats and is waterproof together with LED Flashlight it is used for marine safety and general uses on or around the boat.

Coast HL45 400 Lumen Head Torch, White and Red Light

Weatherproof IPX4 head torch that offers a choice of beam strength – a brilliant 400 lumen floodlight to 28m, or 130 lumens for a long battery life. It incorporates a red LED to protect your night vision

Plastimo Powerboat Tube Radar Reflector 50mm x 500mm

Radar reflector for Powerboats tube type with mounting bracket and adjusts to suit incline of the deck. Practical shape can easily be stowed or lowered for trailing.

Blaster Fog Horn Mouth Operated (MZ43019) powerful!

Floating Fog horn creates a whopping noise with no need for a battery

Crewsaver Crewlift 40 Bosuns Chair

The Crewlift 40 is a simple solution with advanced safety features built-in. Manufactured from strong PVC coated nylon with welded stainless steel attachment triangles and a removable wooden seat, it gives you confidence while you work overhead.

Marine Fire Blanket by Ocean Safety 1.8m x 1.2m MCA

MCA compliant Fire Blanket suits most marine requirements BS EN 1869 : 1997

Powder Fire Extinguisher 1Kg ABC Firechief Small Boat

The 1kg Dry Powder Firechief XTR extinguisher is suitable for class A, B and C fires, meaning it can tackle most fires involving wood/paper, flammable liquids and electrical fires.

Swobbit Collapsible Bucket 2 Gallon US SW66660

A more efficient way to clean collapses for easy stowage.

Wichard Fold Pad Eye WD-6504

Only Wichard Pad Eyes are completely forged. Ideal for Jackstays lifelines etc.

Yacht Jackstay Lines Pair 9m x 30mm Wide

Jackstays or jacklines is essential to allow the crew to safely move around deck, while remaining clipped to a strongpoint at all times.