Inflatable Kayaks and Canoes

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Sevylor Madison Kit Inflatable Kayak  with Pump Paddles

Madison Kit includes foot pump and paddles. together with improved carry bag (nylon), Easy Inflation Manometer, removable fin, repair kit, owners manual, two paddles and foot pump

Bestway Hydro-Force Lite-Rapid X2 Inflatable Kayak Inflatable Kayak 2 Person Kit

Perfect for adventures on rivers and streams, fishing expeditions, and family day's out to the lake. With the right conditions and experience, you can take this inflatable kayak almost anywhere. The paddles are 2.18 m (86") long, with a double‑bladed design, so you can row on both sides of the boat. Perfect for a single paddler, the other passenger can sit back and enjoy the scenery going by!

Madison Sevylor 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

Offering responsive handling, stability and comfort, the Madison™ is the perfect companion for long days of fun on the water. The Highrest™ seats with taller back support and higher base ensures comfort and can be easily removed, quickly converting the Madison™ from a 2-person to a 1-person kayak.

Sevylor Alameda Premium 2 + 1 person Inflatable Kayak Canoe EASY INFLATION SYSTEM

Wide shape Inflatable Kayak offering excellent stability Easy Inflation Manometer: check pressure easily during inflation EASY INFLATION SYSTEM simultaneous inflation of all 3 chambers

Sevylor Ottawa Inflatable Kayak 2+1 Person.

The Ottawa inflatable kayak is designed for all kinds of water, with its long ultra streamlined shape and directional stability. In addition to its performance, Ottawa kayak also offers premium comfort due to a new seat construction and built-in storage options.

Tahiti Plus Sevylor Inflatable Kayak  Kit Paddles and Pump

Ideal for enjoying adventures and leisure time on the water with friends and family. With an extra seat, the Tahiti™ Plus is the family version of this range, providing enough space for two adults and one child. now with Paddles and Pump.

Crewsaver Yak Canoe Throw bag 20m

The bullet bag design ensures a long and accurate throw with the ability to recover and re-throw if the target is missed.

12v  DC Inflator by Summit Air Pump

Summit Battery or 12v Car Air Pump is ideal to inflate Air Beds and Other Inflatables. Whilst it does not give much pressure it can be used on Large Inflatable Dinghies, SUP's or Canoes to get the volume in then finally inflate with a manual pump to the required pressure.

Sevylor inflatable canoes and kayaks without pump and paddles, depending on the delivery location we may require to charge extra example Highlands and Islands.