Liferafts Offshore and ISO 9650-1

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Seago NEW Sea Cruiser Liferafts ISO 9650-2

The Offshore Liferafts has been specially designed as a high quality, economic liferaft with the benefit of 3 year serving intervals which dramatically reduce the cost of ownership.

From: £749.00
Seago ISO 9650-1 SEA MASTER Liferafts 4-8 Man

The Seago Sea Master ISO 9650-1 liferaft is designed for ocean sailing, long distance cruising and meets ISAF, RORC (additional safety packs may be required). Now comes with inflatable boarding step as used in SOLAS liferafts.

From: £959.00
Seago Liferaft Universal Cradle Mount (LRC)

The liferaft is securely retained by a high strength polyester webbing strap. The raft can be quickly released using the quick release buckle.

Seago Deck Strap for Liferafts

The Seago liferaft deck strap for ideal for those who want to mount a liferaft on the deck or coach and because the securing hook mechanism has a quick release roof providing means to access your liferaft in an emergency situation.

Seago Elite Liferaft Cradle Vertical or Horizontal

The Elite cradle can be mounted either vertically or horizontally and will work with a hyrdostatic release unit, all webbing straps and fittings are provided as part of the complete package.

Seago Hydrostatic release unit liferafts leisure

Thanner hydrostatic release unit has an integrated slip hook design Patent pending. Easy to release manually, minimal force required even with high tension lashings. Quick, Safe and Simple installation reducing risk of incorrect fitting.


Ocean Safety Liferafts
The NEW Charter ISO liferaft has been developed to be a cost effective solution meeting the MCA codes of practice.

Manufactured to comply to the rigorous ISO 960 Type 1 Group A requirements.

Seago Yachting Liferafts
Seago Range of liferafts Offshore and ISO 9650-1 both excellent quality leisure liferafts with fantastic features at an affordable price.

Choose from either Valice or Canister, Standard less than 24hr rescue or more than with the Solas B pack.