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Marine Fillers and Sealants

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Sikaflex 291i Marine Adhesive Sealant White or Black 300ml

This all-purpose grade 291i is used for general sealing applications such as deck hardware and equipment for use as a marine sealant above and below the waterline a true multi purpose all round marine sealant.

Sikaflex 591 Marine Adhesive Sealant BROWN All Purpose Marine Sealant 300ml

Sikaflex 591 is a multipurpose sealant designed for marine applications. It is suitable for elastic, vibration-resistant joint seals and for a wide variety of interior and exterior sealing applications.This top-class marine sealant is IMO approved, robust and mold-resistant.

White Gelcoat Filler by Teroson  UP620 241g GRP Surface Repairs Boats Cars Baths

White gelcoat filler for surface repairs, easy to mix, apply and sand. Previously known as Plastic Padding.

Marine Epoxy Filler 270g by Plastic Padding Above or Below Waterline

Epoxy filler for use on Metal, Wood, GRP etc,above or below the waterline.

White Silicone Marine Sealant High Modulas Above and Below the Waterline 310ml Rhodorsil

This product is a top quality, high modulus silicone sealant which can be used above and below the waterline as well as in bathrooms and kitchens the all-round sealant.

Stormsure  Glue Flexible Repair Adhesive PVC (MZ)

Gives a Permanent flexible repair for wetsuite drysuits waterproof clothing etc

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Isopon P40 250ml Glass Fibre Compound for Bridging Holes & Rust Metal GRP

Strong polyester bridging compound ideal for bridging holes and is water resistant when cured use on metal Grp etc.

Isopon P38 Easy Sand Repairs Dents & Scratches GRP Metal Smooth Sanding

The David's ISOPON P38 Easy Sand polyester filler is a two component chemical paste used for the filling of holes and imperfections in surfaces such as steel and GRP.

Creepy Crackseal by Burgess Marine 100ml Boats Cars

Ideal for leaks in deck caulking, hatches, deck lights, scuttle, deck glands, cracks in low voltage electric and other plastic fittings. Use on Cars and Van windscreens.

Sika Sanisil Sanitary Silicone 300ml Clear ideal marine sealant.

For general weatherproofing applications. Long term fungus and mildew resistance with hgh elasticity and flexibility with quick curing - low dirt pick up. Very good UV and weathering resistance makes the silicone ideal for marine use

Teroson Marine Filler 341grm  wood metal 10min cure

Previously branded Plastic Padding, Teroson is the new name.  Suitable for filling and sealing large holes and cracks in hull materials such as GRP, steel aluminium and wood.

Watertite 2 Part Epoxy Filler 250ml Below Waterline

This 2 part epoxy filler is a quick drying epoxy filler suitable for use on GRP, Metals and rigid Wood constructions. The formulation does not shrink and is extremely water resistant, making it suitable for osmosis damage repairs.


We sell range of  marine sealants, Sikaflex and Silicone Sealant for use above and below the waterline a true multi purpose all round marine sealant.