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Marine Flare Packs and LED Safety Flares

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A complete range of marine Flares by Hanson Pyrotechnic meet SOLAS requirements ensuring the highest level of reliability, simplicity and safety.
Current expiry date on the 2019 flares 12/2022
R.Y.A. Guide as follows below.Flare packs are a good guide for the number of flares you should carry. Often, the packs contain fewer than is generally recommended, so these should be topped up.

 Category Length of vessel  Comments  Number of


Red hand-held ​Hand-held smoke ​Red parachute rocket ​Buoyant smoke White hand-held
Likely to be over 10m Ocean passages 6 –​ 12​ 2​ ​4
B Likely to be 8m-13.7m Offshore passages between 50 and 500 miles 4 –​ 4​ 2​ 4​
C Likely to be under 8m Boats that cruise along the coast within 10 miles of land, with 4 hours of passage time 4 2​ 2​ –​ 4​
D Likely to be under 6m Boats that operate in daylight only, close to a safe harbour 2 2​ –​ –​

We also stock the new Daniamant Odeo Distress LED Flare it embrace's LED technology in place of traditional pyrotechnic flares Daniamant have built on the ground breaking ODEO Flare design and improved the product once more. The Odeo Distress is designed with consideration to SOLAS requirements, making it a genuine alternative to the pyrotechnic red hand held flare. The US Coast Guard is now leading the world in developing standards for electronic Visual Distress Signal Devices (eVDSD’s) as a replacement for the hand held pyrotechnic flare