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Teamac Protector 11 Antifouling Eroding up to 40 knts

For vessels with a max speed of 25 to 30 knots, expected functional life 12 months. Suitable for Yachts, Cruisers, Barges, Commercial Vessels and many other underwater marine structures.

From: £32.99
Size & Colour
2.5Ltr Red
1Ltr Red
1 Ltr Blue
2.5Ltr Blue
1Ltr Black
2.5Ltr Black
Cruiser 250 Antifouling One Coat One Season 3Ltr

Cruiser 250 is a polishing antifouling providing quality year-long protection. Quick-drying and convenient, it can also help you get back on the water sooner.

Seajet Shogun 33 Eroding Antifoul 2.5Ltr Free Disposable Coveralls

Seajet 033 Shogun is premium self polishing antifouling which is highly effective against slime and weed. Suitable for high fouling areas. Coverage 9.98 m² per Litre.

Teamac Antifouling A Plus 1Ltr White

Teamac Antifouling A Plus gives superior Antifouling performance providing long lasting fouling control on underwater surfaces and is suitable for Aluminium Hulls. For vessels with a max speed of 25 to 30 knots, expected functional life of up to 24 months.

Teamac Marine Gloss Paint 1lt

Teamac Marine Gloss is a high quality, modified long oil alkyd marine coating and has excellent gloss and opacity. It can be applied to suitably prepared Wood, GRP, Steel, Aluminium and Ferro Concrete.

Teamac Teamalak Yacht Varnish Clear

Teamalak Yacht Varnish is a high gloss, high quality traditional marine gloss, UV resistant varnish. It can also be used over existing paintwork to increase the Gloss Finish. Suitable for Yachts, Power Boats, Dinghies, Narrowboats, other Marine Structures and Seaplanes.

From: £13.49
Teamac Suregrip Anti Slip Deck Paint 1Ltr

Teamac's Suregrip Deck Paint is a High-Quality, Durable Anti-slip deck paint improving safety in both wet and dry conditions for Marine applications, various colours in 1Ltr Tins

Teamac Bilge and Locker White Paint 1Ltr

Teamac Bilge Paint is a resilient and hard wearing single pack coating. Provides protection for the inside surfaces of a Hull below the waterline. The Bilge & Locker Paint is Durable, Chemical & Oil Resistant with an Easy to Clean Gloss Finish. It can be used to brighten dark spaces.

Teamac Aluminium Wood Primer Yacht and Boat

Aluminium Wood Primer is an oil based primer that contains aluminium. Used primarily to prevent staining on knotted or resinous timber, but also acts as an excellent heavy duty primer.

From: £15.99
Penetrating Wood Primer 1 Ltr For Marine Ply Soft And Hard Wood

Teamac's Penetrating Wood Primer is a general purpose, modified alkyd based wood primer. Suitable for interior and exterior use. It can be applied to suitably prepared timbers and boards.

Marine Primer Undercoat Teamac

Marine Primer Undercoat primes and prepares Wood, GRP, Iron and Steel. Suitable for Narrowboats, Cruisers, Barges, yachts and marine structures. Marine Primer Undercoat should be used as a system with Teamac Marine Gloss to retain a long lasting, high gloss finish.

From: £9.99
Metaclor Teamac Antifouling Primer Barrier Coat  Grey

Precision's Metaclor Antifouling Primer is a strong, versatile, chlorinated rubber based coating for wood, Metal & GRP. Can be used above and below the waterline, on mixed material surfaces and over any existing antifouling.

From: £20.99
Gelshield 200 Epoxy Primer Osmosis Protection

Gelshield 200 is a quick drying and easy to apply epoxy primer, that protects GRP against osmosis. You can use it down to just 5°C and as it’s fast drying, you can apply multiple coats in one day.

Interdeck Non Slip Deck Paint 750ml

A tough, slip resistant deck paint that protects the surface from every day wear and tear. It’s easy to apply, comes in a range of colours and its low sheen finish helps prevent sunlight from reflecting off decks.

From: £26.99
International Non-Slip Additive Paint or Varnish

Safety is all important on board. To create a highly effective slip-resistant finish, simply sprinkle this additive in topside finishes or onto wet paint.

International Pre-Kote Undercoat 750ml

Undercoat for one-part finishes over recommended primer. Excellent opacity allows for easy colour changing is long lasting and is easy to apply.

Interprotect White 750ml 2 Pack Primer

High Performance Epoxy Primer for Steel, Aluminium and Wood for above and below the waterline.

Intertuf 16 Blacking 5Ltr

This tough, non cracking bituminous coating offers protection against rust and is ideal for narrowboat blacking

Jotun Aqualine Antifouling Spray Grey 0.4L

A  high performance antifouling specially designed for easy application on drives, trim tabs, propellers and light metal parts below the waterline. Self-polishing antifouling to be used on stern drives, sailboat drives, outboard motors, flaps and components made of aluminium. May not be suitable for high speed propellers.

No 3 International Antifouling Thinners 500ml

Thinner No.3 is suitable for antifouling paints (except for Micron® Optima and VC® products), bottom coatings and other special paints. It’s also used to help spray on our one-part varnishes and finishes.

No1 Thinners General Purpose 1 Pack Thinners 500ml

For use above the waterline, Thinner No.1 is a very good, general purpose thinner that’s designed to be used with one-part paints (excluding antifoulings) and varnishes.

Original Varnish Tradition General Purpose Varnish Interior or Exterior

General purpose gloss varnish with a high clarity finish for light colour woods Good flow, flexibility and gloss retention. Suitable for interiors, exteriors and over existing varnishes.

From: £13.99
Owatrol  Paint Varnish  Antifoul Remover  GRP Strip Wood and GRP Hulls

OWATROL (Dilunett old name) Marine Strip Paint Remover, solvent free, can remove up to 10 coats in just one application, removing everything from antifoulings to varnishes and most gloss paint systems.

From: £22.99
Owatrol GLV Aluminium Paint 750ml Rust Coating Treatment Steel etc

Owatrol GLV Marine Aluminium Paint is a highly flexible, anti corrosive coating with a high gloss finish that possesses the deep penetrating and adhesion properties of Marine Oil so the finish will not peel or flake and will even adhere well to clean, bright steel.

Perfection 2 Pack Gloss yacht Paint 750ml

Perfection 2­part polyurethane is the ultimate performing, high gloss topside finish. It provides the longest­ lasting, ultra­ high gloss finish that has superb colour.

Perfection Plus Two-Part Polyurethane Varnish  750ml

With excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, Perfection Plus Varnish offers the ultimate, full gloss varnish performance. With UV filters to create the longest possible lifespan and is ideal for oily woods after the right preparation.

Primocon Below The Waterline Primer 750ml

Primocon is a fast drying, tar free one-part primer for use below the water line before antifouling is applied. Formulated for timber, steel, aluminium, cast iron keels and lead keels.

Teamac Thinners 14 Marine Gloss Paints and Varnishes 1L

Teamac Thinners 14 is used to thin and clean down products such as Marine Gloss, Metalastic and Metalcote.

Teamac Thinners 17  Antifoul Thinner 1L

This Thinners is used as a thinner / brushwash for Teamac Antifouling.

Toplac One Part Polyurethene Gloss Paint

Toplac is a range of high-performance coating with a solid reputation, and has been admired on yachts and boats of all sizes for decades.

Trilux 33 Antifouling 375ml Propellors Boot Tops

A premium antifouling for use on aluminium craft, Trilux 33 offers a tin-free formulation with added Biolux® for extra antifouling protection. Such strength makes it suitable for boats in all waters.

From: £24.49
Watertite 2 Part Epoxy Filler 250ml Below Waterline

This 2 part epoxy filler is a quick drying epoxy filler suitable for use on GRP, Metals and rigid Wood constructions. The formulation does not shrink and is extremely water resistant, making it suitable for osmosis damage repairs.

Yacht Primer Wood Single Part 750ml

Yacht Primer is a fast drying, single pack primer for use above the waterline. For use on timber, polyester, vinylester, epoxy, steel and aluminium, before you apply a single pack undercoat.

Jenny PolyFoam Brushes for Paint or Varnish

Poly-Brush® by Jen is ideal for the application of enamel, latex, oil paints, stain and varnish. The Poly-Brush® by Jen smoothes out the paint and covers correctly with fewer strokes, eliminating brush marks or loose bristles so that even the inexperienced users can achieve reliable, professional results.

From: £0.89
3M Scotch Fine Line Tape 12mm x 55m

It is often used as a layout tape for high value multi-colour and custom painted graphics. The tape's low profile and high adhesion gives excellent colour line separation.

Aquafax Mini Roller Set 4" Foam Gloss  High Density

High Density Foam Roller 5 x 4" Gloss Roller Tray Set. It is ideal for solvent based paints on smooth surfaces.

Harris Budget Pack  Paint Brushes Pk 3

Set contains 1”, 1.5” and 2” brushes. A mix of natural and synthetic bristles for all paints and varnishes.

Safety Goggles Personal Protection Light Weight

The Goggles are ideal for most painting applications together with medium impact polycarbonate lenses and PVC Frame.

Painting Overall Dispoeable White

Painting Overall in White in 2 sizes Large and XL. They includes a hood and zip is cheap enough to throw away after each use. Keeps the paint, dust and dirt off your clothing when preparing or painting your boat or just decorating the house.

Antifouling Paint Bundle Application  and Safety Pack

The Antifoul bundle consists of a roll of masking tape, foam rollers and tray, pack of 3 brushes, dust masks and a pair of safety googles.

The International yacht Paint brand is the world leader in marine, yacht and protective coatings. A long-standing brand synonymous with innovation and collaboration, it is the preferred choice of industry leaders looking for excellence and expertise.
The International Product Guide is the best online resource available for finding the right paint solution for your boat. This diagram provides guidance on how different product categories can be layered, however not all layers are required for every job.

Teal & Mackrill's Teamac brand is one of the leading brands of marine paints and coatings.
Here you will find a wide range of marine gloss paints, varnishes, antifoul, undercoats and primers.
The Teamac brand was Registered in 1920, Teal & Mackrill manufacture and distribute on the Lockwood Street site in Hull.