Marine Wood Treatments

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Burgess Marine Hydrosol Woodsealer for Teak and Iroko etc 500ml and 1Ltr

The complete treatment or as a primer for wood, exterior wooden and plywood surfaces.

Burgess Marine Hydrosol Clearsealer 500ml

It is ideal for interior use where a minimum colouration is required it does contain UV blocking agents that protect the wood. For exterior surfaces always use with Woodsealer.

Burgess Marine Hydrosol Top Gloss Varnish 1Ltr

To get that traditional gloss varnish look. It is UV resistant but unlike Burgess Marine Woodsealer, it does not contain UV blocking agents that protect the wood, for this reason it should always be used as a top coat in conjunction with Woodsealer.

Deks Olje D1 Marine Exterior Saturator Silken Finish 1Ltr for Teak and all Marine  Woods

Saturates and protects all woods - Soft and Hard ; Oily and Dense. It has excellent penetration - non-film forming. Replaces the natural oils lost from the wood - will not blacken the timber . Its transparent in colour and enhances the woods natural grain.

DEKS OLJE D2 High Gloss Oil Varnish suits all Marine Woods

For the flexible high gloss finish over D1. It offers long term protection with no sanding between coats ideal for hardwoods teak, mahogany etc.

Owatrol  Paint Varnish  Antifoul Remover  GRP Strip Wood and GRP Hulls

OWATROL (Dilunett old name) Marine Strip Paint Remover, solvent free, can remove up to 10 coats in just one application, removing everything from antifoulings to varnishes and most gloss paint systems.

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Cleaner and Brightener Deck Cleaner by Owatrol  1Ltr

Exterior wood - weathered grey or dirty: Cedar, Larch, Pine (pressure treated or not), Teak, Iroko, Ipe. Horizontal or Vertical surfaces : cladding, fences, decks (boat & garden), garden furniture.

Original Varnish Tradition General Purpose Varnish Interior or Exterior

General purpose gloss varnish with a high clarity finish for light colour woods Good flow, flexibility and gloss retention. Suitable for interiors, exteriors and over existing varnishes.

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Star Brite Teak Cleaner 500ml Decks and Furniture

Ideal for use on Teak Furniture and Decks. Cleans decks with no hard rubbing.

Starbrite Teak Brightener 500ml Enhances Natural Wood

Brightens teak and other fine woods. Highlights the natural wood grain and enhances a warm natural colour of the wood ideal for teak decks of garden furniture.

Starbrite Teak Oil 500ml Seals and Protects Fine Woods.

For teak decks on your boat or teak furniture on board or in the garden , you will be able to protect and preserve the wood with Starbrite Teak Oil. Starbrite Teak Oil is a penetrating sealer and preserver.

Perfection Plus Two-Part Polyurethane Varnish  750ml

With excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, Perfection Plus Varnish offers the ultimate, full gloss varnish performance. With UV filters to create the longest possible lifespan and is ideal for oily woods after the right preparation.

Burgess Marine.
Burgess Woodsealers have been manufactured since 1987. Developed by the inventor of Hammerite, and technically known as hydrosols, they are an environmentally friendly, non flammable blend of high quality acrylic resins held in water that allow wood to breathe. These products can be used on damp surfaces. Brushes may be washed in water and no harmful thinners are required.

Deks Olje Range of Wood Treatments is proven over years from the Fjords to the Caribbean Islands.
Saturator for marine wood. Saturates, protects and stabilises both oily and dense woods. Protects against moisture ingress.

Star Brite
The Starbrite Teak Care range contains all you need to refinish old teak of protect new wood. The Teak Cleaner, Teak Brightener and Teak Oil are all formulated using the best, most high-tech ingredients available for long-lasting protection and beauty. The Teak products are ideal for use on all fine woods and wood furniture.