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Plastic Padding Fillers

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Marine Epoxy Filler 270g by Plastic Padding Above or Below Waterline

Epoxy filler for use on Metal, Wood, GRP etc,above or below the waterline.

White Gelcoat Filler by Plastic Padding 180ml GRP Surface Repairs Boats Cars Baths

White gelcoat filler for surface repairs, easy to mix, apply and sand.

Plastic Padding is a well-known Swedish brand sold in the Nordic Region, UK and Ireland. It conquered the world with its Chemical Metal product over 50 years ago and now delivers more than 100 products for the automotive aftermarket, industrial market and retail/DIY sector. 

MARINE EPOXY is especially for below waterline repairs on metal, wood and glass fibre. Can be applied under water. Is effective with osmosis blisters.

GELCOAT FILLER is a white, waterproof gelcoat filler for surface repairs. It is paintable, easy to mix, apply, shape and sand. Suited to marine paint.

MARINE FILLER is a white, polyester-based filler for all marine applications which is ideal for superstructure repairs and can be painted.