Rooster Laser Sails

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Rooster Replica 4.7 Laser Sail

Complete Laser 4.7 Sail with a set of battens and folded sail bag but no sail numbers.  Rooster OD  Replacement 4.7 Sail for the Laser®. The sail cloth used is the same as the official sail, but the cut and shape has been altered slightly to ensure it does not break any design copyright.

Rooster Replica Laser Radial Sail inc Battens

Complete Laser Replica Radial Sail with a set of battens but no sail numbers.  Rooster OD  Replacement Sail for the Laser® Radial rig. Please note that this sail is provided folded and includes a folded sail bag and battens. 

Rooster Replica Standard 3.8 Laser Sail

Rooster OD Replacement Sail for the Laser® Standard.  The sail cloth (3.8oz with a heavy yarn tempering which makes it perform extremely well against the official sail) . They cannot be used if you are sailing at an Association event.