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West System G5 Five Minute Epoxy Adhesive 200grm Pack

West System G5 Five Minute Epoxy Adhesive 200grm Pack

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WEST SYSTEM 200g G5 Five Minute Adhesive is an easy to use, 1:1 mix, fast setting resin/hardener system.
An easy to use, 2-part resin/hardener system for quick repairs, tooling and general bonding. May be used in spot applications to hold parts in position while standard epoxy bonds cure. Bonds to wood, fiberglass and metal. Not recommended for long-term bonds subject to high loads or moisture. It can be modified with WEST SYSTEM fillers. One-to-one mixture, no pumps are required. Cures in 3-5 minutes.

G/5 Five-Minute Adhesive is a fast curing two-part epoxy that allows 3-5 minutes of working time. It has an ideal viscosity which allows it to penetrate porous surfaces yet is viscous enough to bridge gaps when gluing broken objects. It adheres to a number of surfaces including wood, ceramic, metal, leather, plaster, stone, fiberglass, glass, cork, some plastics and paper. G/5 is an excellent choice for quick repairs around the house, high-end crafts and much more.

As with any epoxy, for best adhesion roughen any smooth surfaces to provide texture for the adhesive to key into. G/5 does not require clamping pressure as long as contact between parts is maintained during cure. If using clamps, it is best to use minimal clamp pressure to avoid excessive squeeze out resulting in a glue starved joint.

G/5 Adhesive can be thickened with a variety of powder fillers to bridge larger gaps in glue joints and to create fast-setting sculpting putties. Powders that work for this include Talcum, sanding dust, tempera paint powder, laundry lint, cotton flock and chalk line chalk.

WEST SYSTEM® fillers can also be added to G/5 to create a thickened adhesive. 403 Microfibers thickens epoxy fastest of all our high-density fillers. Add thickeners quickly while stirring the epoxy so you have meaningful working time left to use the epoxy. Once thickened, G/5 can be used to fill missing sections in broken objects as they are being glued back together. Tissue paper and small bits of cotton balls can also be used as gap fillers if they are wet out with G/5 adhesive just before forcing them into location with a toothpick.

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