Yacht Guard Rail Wires Bespoke or Copy Originals

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Threaded Stainless Pelican Hook M8 Guardrail Gates

Used in a variety of uses mainly on Yacht Guardral Gates to quickly acces the boat without climbing over the guardrail and very useful in MOB situations.

Yacht Guard Rail with 4mm with a Hard Eye and Removable Eye Terminal 4mm

4mm Yacht Guard Rail with a Hard Eye and Removable Eye Terminal Swaged to wire.

From: £39.99
Yacht Guard Rail with Swaged Fork and Guardrail Eye 4mm Stainless Wire.

Guard Rail wires made to your dimensions with Swaged Fork Swaged onto 4mm Stainless Wire and a Guardrail Removable Eye Swaged at the other end.

From: £52.59
We offer a wire guard rail service with options to suit different applications and boat size. Usually 4mm 1x 19 is the typical wire diameter for boats up to 40-45ft the 5mm diameter for bigger yachts.
To terminate the wire ends we can manufacture the wire with hard eyes they are the most common but you need to make sure the ends will go through the Stanchion Eyes. If you can't  you can use the Lifeline Eye Stud that will thread through the stanchion tops.
To order simply choose the type of ends you want then with the drop down box the next overall length, then after ordering email the length of the exact measurement we require as per the image.